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Sand sprinters by Dan Mead

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Sand sprinters
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Sand sprinters
Dan Mead
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Open edition
© SAND SPRINTERS ©Dan Mead (USA) 2010


'The mother was in the lead, scouting the situation - a straggling chick, a strange vehicle, a vulnerable family. But its next move took me by surprise. It suddenly turned sharp right and headed straight up the nearest dune. It must have been 100 metres high and at an angle of 30 degrees. The sand slipped away under their feet. It was an amazing effort. The whole family disappeared over the crest of the Namibian dune.' Ostriches are the largest and fastest running birds on Earth. Their height, keen hearing and excellent eyesight make them able to spot danger quickly. If they do spot anything, they can run away at over 70 kilometres per hour. The southern ostrich lives in southern Africa and they are nomadic, foraging for seeds and insects as they go.

The Artist: Dan Mead

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