Veolia Environnement Wildlife Photographer of the Year 2011

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Pool of hippos by David Fettes - print

Pool of hippos

David Fettes
Harbinger of spring by Sandra Bartocha - print

Harbinger of spring

Sandra Bartocha
Patagonian woodscape by Daniel Jara - print

Patagonian woodscape

Daniel Jara
Fading beauty by David Maitland - print

Fading beauty

David Maitland
The grove by Bob Keller - print

The grove

Bob Keller
Boy meets nature by Alexander Badyaev - print

Boy meets nature

Alexander Badyaev
Night prowler by Emanuele Biggi - print

Night prowler

Emanuele Biggi
Big foot by Peter Delaney - print

Big foot

Peter Delaney
Ant line by Adithya Biloor - print

Ant line

Adithya Biloor
Dream trees by Kevin Barry - print

Dream trees

Kevin Barry
March of the coots by Andrew George - print

March of the coots

Andrew George
Chachalacascape by Gregory Basco - print


Gregory Basco
Rhino in charge by Wim Van Den Heever - print

Rhino in charge

Wim Van Den Heever
Ocean abstraction by Laurence Norton - print

Ocean abstraction

Laurence Norton
A spectrum of silk by Antti Partanen - print

A spectrum of silk

Antti Partanen
The coming by Sven Zacek - print

The coming

Sven Zacek
Celestial arch by Stephane Vetter - print

Celestial arch

Stephane Vetter
In the Valley of giants by Denis Budkov - print

In the Valley of giants

Denis Budkov
Moonlight over Aloba by Marsel Van Oosten - print

Moonlight over Aloba

Marsel Van Oosten
Moonrise over Nuptse by Patrik Bartuška - print

Moonrise over Nuptse

Patrik Bartuška
Land of fire and ice by Erlend Haarberg - print

Land of fire and ice

Erlend Haarberg
Heavenly light show by Stephane Vetter - print

Heavenly light show

Stephane Vetter
Gobi oasis by Alessandra Meniconzi - print

Gobi oasis

Alien by Hui Yu Kim - print


Hui Yu Kim
The sunbird brood by Hui Yu Kim - print

The sunbird brood

Hui Yu Kim
Pester power by Mateusz Piesiak - print

Pester power

Mateusz Piesiak
Mynas cooling off by Sander Broström - print

Mynas cooling off

Sander Broström