Veolia Environnement Wildlife Photographer of the Year 2011

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Taking off by Peter Chadwick - print

Taking off

Peter Chadwick
Chachalacascape by Gregory Basco - print


Gregory Basco
The paper-clip suitor by Tim Laman - print

The paper-clip suitor

Tim Laman
Ant line by Adithya Biloor - print

Ant line

Adithya Biloor
Lure of the bee by Jack Salzke - print

Lure of the bee

Jack Salzke
The charge by Eric Pierre - print

The charge

Eric Pierre
Taking flight by Paul Goldstein - print

Taking flight

Paul Goldstein
Touching romance by Dmitriy Monastyrskiy - print

Touching romance

In the Valley of giants by Denis Budkov - print

In the Valley of giants

Denis Budkov
Forest fox by Klaus Echle - print

Forest fox

Klaus Echle
Patagonian woodscape by Daniel Jara - print

Patagonian woodscape

Daniel Jara
Snow hare by Benjam Pontinen - print

Snow hare

Benjam Pontinen
A spectrum of silk by Antti Partanen - print

A spectrum of silk

Antti Partanen
The grace of giants by Paul Souders - print

The grace of giants

Paul Souders
Land of fire and ice by Erlend Haarberg - print

Land of fire and ice

Erlend Haarberg
Fire flying by Nilanjan Das - print

Fire flying

Nilanjan Das
Pester power by Mateusz Piesiak - print

Pester power

Mateusz Piesiak
Racing blue by Nuno Sá - print

Racing blue

Nuno Sá
Alien by Hui Yu Kim - print


Hui Yu Kim
Night prowler by Emanuele Biggi - print

Night prowler

Emanuele Biggi
Mist rising at sunset by Sander Broström - print

Mist rising at sunset

Sander Broström
Trust by Klaus Echle - print


Klaus Echle
The assassin by Steve Mills - print

The assassin

Steve Mills
Dream trees by Kevin Barry - print

Dream trees

Kevin Barry
The duel by Aleksander Myklebust - print

The duel

Family tree by Paul Goldstein - print

Family tree

Paul Goldstein
The coming by Sven Zacek - print

The coming

Sven Zacek