Veolia Environnement Wildlife Photographer of the Year 2012

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The great escape by Yves Adams - print

The great escape

Yves Adams
The duel by Sergey Gorshkov - print

The duel

Sergey Gorshkov
City gull by Eve Tucker - print

City gull

Eve Tucker
Ghost bears by Kimmo Pori - print

Ghost bears

Kimmo Pori
Where petrels dare by Mark Tatchell - print

Where petrels dare

Mark Tatchell
Bumper life by Pal Hermansen - print

Bumper life

Pal Hermansen
The crack by Rudi Sebastian - print

The crack

Rudi Sebastian
The glance by Jami Tarris - print

The glance

Jami Tarris
The snow herd by Vladimir Medvedev - print

The snow herd

Vladimir Medvedev
Bittern in winter by Oscar Dewhurst - print

Bittern in winter

Oscar Dewhurst
Sizing up by Klaus Tamm - print

Sizing up

Klaus Tamm
Flight paths by Owen Hearn - print

Flight paths

Owen Hearn
Dive robbers by Jeanine Tresfon - print

Dive robbers

Jeanine Tresfon
Ice matters by Anna Henly - print

Ice matters

Anna Henly
Dawn flight by Bartek Kosinski - print

Dawn flight

Bartek Kosinski
Hare in a landscape by Robert Zoehrer - print

Hare in a landscape

Robert Zoehrer
Last look by Steve Winter - print

Last look

Steve Winter
Pasque perfection by Daniel Eggert - print

Pasque perfection

Daniel Eggert
Fluff-up by John E. Marriott - print


John E. Marriott
Elemental fulmar by Sam Cairns - print

Elemental fulmar

Sam Cairns
Fly-by drinking by Olef Levy - print

Fly-by drinking

Olef Levy
Ice Birds by Jeanine Lovett - print

Ice Birds

Jeanine Lovett
Leaping lemur by Heinrich Van Den Berg - print

Leaping lemur

Fairy lake fir by Adam Gibbs - print

Fairy lake fir

Adam Gibbs
Positioning by Hugo Wassermann - print


Hugo Wassermann